Take a conscious step in your personal evolution to live a happy & successful life through the practice of meditation.

The Sattva Meditation technique (as taught by Himalayan Masters) is a comprehensive, sacred technique designed to be practiced daily.

Sattva Jyotish is a private, 1 on 1 Vedic Astrology reading.

We create a life chart based on your date, time and place of birth and share incredible insights into your “Maha Purusha” (Infinite Potential), giving you suggested practices to support your evolution.

An advanced practice enabling us to embody the supreme wisdom emanating from the Absolute indivisible Self making enlightened living a reality.

The Dasha Mahavidyas represent the supreme expression of the sacred feminine. This sadhana is the continuous teaching of the sacred feminine and constitutes one of the highest teachings of tantra.

A free weekly Sattva meditation & Yoga offering designed to uplift and support your evolution.

Join me each week and tune into a short Sattva Meditation and/or Yoga practice along with informative dialogue about Sattva practices and Vedic Astrology.

A free weekly Sattva meditation & Yoga offering designed to uplift and support your evolution.

This transformative 1 hour event was previously held on March 10th, 2021, hosted by Hanuman Academy. Watch the live recording and experience a powerful set of practices to move through challenges, increase happiness, and expand your consciousness. The focus of the workshop is to explore fearlessness, cultivate lovingness and experience true fulfillment.

Journey to the birthplace of yoga with Tracy and Bajrang!

During this two week retreat, immerse yourself in “true” yoga, it’s traditions, and exploring India.

“Bajrang designed a home yoga practice for me to help with my anxiety and depression I have a disability so I need to practice seated in a chair. I now have a daily tool which takes 20 minutes and supports me in living life fully.”

- Mike L.

“I attended Bajrang’s meditation training. I was surprised how easy it can be to meditate, and the peace I feel as a result.”

- Carol M.

“I highly recommend receiving a Jyotish Reading by Bajrang. I had a reading this year and it helped clarify a lot of different areas of my life. He was detailed in his explanation of how the reading is done, and he helped me understand a lot about my past, as well as my future. Bajrang cares deeply about his clients. Thank you Bajrang for all you do.”

- Heidi H.

“The Sattva meditation training laid the foundation for me to build a daily meditation practice. It has turned out to be one of the best investments I’ve ever made in myself.”

- Devon B.

“Attending a yoga class taught by Bajrang was an amazing experience. We did asana but also breath exercises, kriya and mantra which showed me that the practice of yoga is much more than I ever imagined.”

- Alice T.

“I had a wonderful Jyotish reading with Bajrang. How Vedic Astrology affects us is pretty powerful. I sat in awe digesting the insightful and fascinating information he shared with me. I was then provided with tools that I am incorporating into my daily practice. Thank you, Bajrang.”

- Becky H.

“Now that I am meditating, I feel a sense of calm and stillness that I have never felt.”

- Joe T.

“I thought I knew what Yoga was until I started working with Bajrang. Now that I have learned various Sattva Yoga methods, my understanding of what Yoga actually means has evolved and I am experiencing a much fuller life.”

- Chris R.

“I was skeptical at first, but I was comforted by the fact that Bajrang received his training from his Indian teacher in his birthplace of Rishikesh India. I was surprised by how much the reading has improved my life.”

- Pat N.




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